IMPORTANT UPDATE: California Bass Contenders

Hello Basscontenders:

The California Bass Contenders annual awards banquet and raffle will be held Wednesday June 6, 2018 at our regular club meeting at Michael Angellos’s Pizzaria. Please note the early start time at 6:00PM when dinner will be served. Dinner and soft drinks will be provided by the bass club at this annual awards banquet. We are starting early because we need the extra time to get the regular club business, including drawing teams for the June tournament, completed before moving into the awards and raffle. As everybody knows this special raffle is the highlight of the entire season. Nobody has an annual raffle like we do. We have a host of top shelf items that will be in our raffle so please bring some money and buy your raffle tickets. Raffle tickets will be sold at $20 per ticket or six (6) tickets for $100. We encourage you to take advantage of the $100 deal which gets you an additional ticket and an additional shot at these amazing prizes. The special raffle is for active club members only who are in good standing.

Unfortunately prospective guests are NOT eligible to purchase raffle tickets. Prospective guests who have participated in at least one tournament or one meeting are encouraged to attend the banquet and have dinner and soft drinks provided by the bass club, you new guests can participate next time once voted in as a full patch member. Please note that dinner will be served early at 6:00PM. FYI: An active member in good standing is a member who received a minimum of 60 points in the preceding season and has paid all of their club dues and related fees on time. We look forward to seeing you at the annual awards banquet and raffle beginning at 6:00PM on Wednesday June 6, 2018.

UPDATE: Cast4Kids Silverwood:
Cast4Kids Sunday May 6, 2018 Silverwood was a success. Over 30 special needs kids were treated to a fun day on the water leaving all of their problems and worries on the shore for one afternoon of fishing and fun at Silverwood SRA. A huge thank you to the California Bass Contenders club for their generous $325 donation to this worthy cause. The donated funds will stay local at the Silverwood event and not on the national scene where for next year every participant will get a small tackle box and a fishing rod and reel on this special day. All of the volunteers and participants were also treated to a fresh hot breakfast burrito during morning registration and a very nice lunch and awards ceremony where prizes are given out to every Cast Kid and volunteer that attends. Thank you to Conrad Apodaca Sr, Big Ed Cazares, Sergio Sanchez, Johnny Abyad, Randy Estrada and his friend Mike Collins, Little Big Ed Jr and my wife Loralee Cazares for representing the best bass club in So Cal the California Bass Contenders at this awesome event.

I had an amazing time volunteering with my wife who worked on the shore along with my son Little Big Ed Jr as my first mate on our boat. We had cast kid Ryan on my boat who seemed emotionless, he didn’t seem happy or sad no smile nor frown, he hardly reacted never said a word for first 30 minutes. But then it happened, when he caught his first ever bass his face lit up like a Xmas tree. He caught a couple more as he continued to laugh and giggle as we high fived and practically cried with happiness together. You should have seen the joy in his Dad Charles’s face seeing his son break out of his shell, his Dad and son even had a double hookup which made it all the more special. Just look at this million dollar smile.

If you want to order Basscontender swag T-shirts please sign up at the next meeting with Big Ed. You must pay the funds in advance or at least 50% down to place your order. T-shirts come in navy blue, ash/grey or black. Our logo does not work on lighter colored shirts. We must place a minimum order of 12-13 shirts total. The shirts will not have the Delta 2017 text that is pictured in the proof below.

$11 Short Sleeve S, L, XL add $1.50 per XL upgrade includes tax.
$14 Long Sleeve S, L, XL add $1.50 per XL upgrade includes tax.

Current Club/Team pricing minimum order of 10 jerseys is short sleeve $59.99 or $64.99 for long sleeve. If you want a zipper collar add $10. If you want a hooded UV shirt the price $89.99 each. All sublime UV hot/cold/wet fabric. This price includes 21 logos total front and/or back and names on front and back. They have 6000 industry logos in stock so you can choose any logo you like. For instance on my mock print I run a Champion Boat with a Murcury ProXS and Minnkota Ultrex with Lowrance electronics. If you’re a Shimano guy you can add Shimano, Diawa, Yamamoto etc. I also added the lightning bolt on back of my jersey from LA Chargers and an LA Dodger logo on front so mine is completely custom for me and the way I like it. We will make the new jerseys with the newer California Bass Contender logo like the decal T-shirt or you can keep it the same with old logo.

Our current Club / Team pricing is as follows: 10 jerseys or more short sleeve $59.99 ea. – add $5.00 ea. for long sleeves and $10.00 ea. for zip collars.  Matching Hoodies will be $89.99 ea. These prices include up to 21 logos front and back and names front and back in any colors you can imagine.

Decals are UV resistant and are 10″X5.9″ each decal is $20.

REMEMBER DINNER IS AT 6:00PM don’t be late!


See you at the banquet: Big Ed!

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