RESULTS: Perris January 26, 2019




Congratulations to Conrad Apodaca Jr on another win bringing his total to three wins, two second places and several other top ten finishes in the current CBC season that ends in March at Lake Havasu. Alfred Vasquez and Johnny Abyad are on his radar as they go in to the home stretch for CBC Angler Of the Year for 2018-2019. We are members of a bass club because fishing is for fun. We compete as friends and we make great memories and long lasting friendships which is what its all about. But when one or more of our brothers hurt, we all feel the pain.

Twenty four Bass Contenders led by Mark Chadeayne stopped to pay their respects as we all gathered in one group at the Moreno Beach entrance to say a special prayer and have a moment of silence for our CBC brother Kevin Duncan for the recent loss of his beautiful daughter Kristina. California Bass Contenders please keep Kevin and his family in your continued thoughts and prayers. Another quick CBC shoutout to Brian Reaves who joined the CBC Perris tournament after battling his recent illness that had him sidelined for months. You looking great Brian, now lets go catch some fish brother!


Water temp: 54-56
Water: Clear 8-10 visibility
Flat calm morning, wind 10-15MPH afternoon


1st place: Cranking Dam & Spybaits deep water
2nd place: Secret baits wont tell
3rd place: Alabama rig
4th place: DD22 red craw on dam dark
5th place: DD22 shad pattern on dam dark
NOTE: 4th & 5th place dbl hookup both fish in same net
6th place: Grub small shad pattern
7th place: Whopper plopper on dam in dark


1) Conrad Apodaca Jr 2/7.16
2) Adam Day 2/7.0/4.51 (Big Fish)
3) Mark Chadaeyne 1/4.40
4) Conrad Apodaca Sr 1/3.25
5) Raul Valderraine 1/3.55
6) Joe Nava 1/3.10
7) Brian Trusso 1/2.90
8) David Mendez 1/2.33
24) Kevin Duncan 0/0.00
24) Gil Bowman 0/0.00
24) David Pisarski 0/0.00
24) Steve Meza 0/0.00
24) Alfred Vasquez 0/0.00
24) Robert Terrasaz 0/0.00
24) Big Ed Cazares 0/0.00
24) Little Ed Cazares (guest) 0/0.00
24) Brian Reaves 0/0.00
24) Alex Arias 0/0.00
24) Richard Hoffman 0/0.00
24) Gabby Hayes (slept most of day) 0/0.00
24) John Savko (member but sorta like a guest) 0/0.00
24) Ron Janke (same as Savko but better looking) 0/0.00
24) Gary Crouse 0/0.00
24) David King (guest) 0/0.00

Big Fish: Adam Day 4.51lbs
Big Boat: Raul Valderraine/Conrad Apodaca Sr 6.80lbs

Next tournament Saturday February 23rd Lower Otay.

If you can please post a reply below in the comments box.

See you on the water: Big Ed!


  1. Hey Kevin Please accept my deepest condolences. I just want to express my continued prayers For you and your family. There are no other words I can say except I love you brother. Big Ed!

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