RESULTS: Pyramid May 19, 2018

What a phenomenal tournament and equally a phenomenal start to the 2018-2019 California Bass Contender season as we hit Pyramid with a vengeance for the second event of the new season. Our bass club continuous to flourish with twenty five anglers participating at Pyramid event. Also flourishing is the fishing and of course the comradery and good times which seems to be at an all-time high. We lined up early in the dark and entered at 5:00AM launching before the general public and sharing the early entry with our Bass Club brothers at ZLF Zero Limit Fishing.

California Bass Contenders would like to welcome our guest fisherman for this event David “Bassmaster Ice” King, Jul “Fishin with fresh” Hall, Steve Meza, Sergio Sanchez, Robert Terrazas and Anthony Luna. We all had a blast fishing and hanging out just having a good time on a beautiful Southern California day. Props to David King for the fourth biggest bag of derby and to Anthony Luna for combing his limit with Alfred Vasquez securing the Big Boat award. Also visiting the club was longtime friend Terry Snyder who brought along Richard Isago from Kenny’s Rod and Reel.




Thanks also to Jul Hall for his camera expertise at the weigh-in. Jul also created a nice Youtube video of the last Basscontender event. I just wish I would have viewed it earlier to see Derrick’s secret spots.

Congratulations to the Pyramid Champion Alfred “The Assassin” Vasquez as he sandbagged with the final weigh-in of the afternoon tipping the scales at 12.88lbs edging out the second place winner Conrad Apodaca Jr who sacked up 12.29lbs of Lobina at Pyramid Lake. The third place spot went to the guy who is crushing the AOY leaderboard and the one to watch out for Mark Pavlinac whose three fish bag was anchored with the Big Fish award 5.96lbs and 11.23lbs combined. Great job to our Top Three and to all of the anglers who competed at this fun event.



Basscontenders also want to acknowledge the return of longtime friend and club member Gil Bowman who finally graced us with his presence after being on the injured reserve for the past several months. Great to see you again Gil, but not so great for the remainder of the field as Gil was up to his old tricks coming in on the top five of the leaderboard with 5 fish 10.51lbs.


Good times, fun fishing and a lot of friendship’s is what it is all about at California Bass Contenders. The club is rolling along in a great new direction with very little drama which is making the club great again. We meet up next on June 16th to go to battle at Castaic as we begin to move towards summer which takes in to the night series of tournaments at Perris and Silverwood promising more good times and great fishing.





Air Temp: 58 degrees launch 80 degrees weigh-in
Water Temp: 64-69 degrees clear green 10-15 visibilty


1) Alfred Vasquez 5/12.88
2) Conrad Apodaca Jr 5/12.29
3) Mark Pavlinac 3/11.29
G) David King 5/11.03
4) David Mendez 5/10.63
5) Gil Bowman 5/10.51
6) Kenny Isago 5/10.04
G) Sergio Sanchez 5/10.02
G) Anthony Luna 5/9.71
7) Derrick Yoshinaga 5/9.66
8) Gary Crouse 5/9.56
9) Big Ed Cazares 4/8.97
10) Nelson Barrios 4/8.34
11) Randy Estrada 3/6.29
12) Jul Hall 3/6.51
13) Robert Terrazas 3/6.07
14) Conrad Apodaca Sr 2/5.95
15) Johnny Abyad 2/5.08
16) Gabby Hayes 2/4.20
17) Joe Nava 1/3.32
18) Mark Quaternik 1/2.84
19) Tom Creasey 0/0.00
19) Steve Meza 0/0.00
20) Terry Snyder DNW
G) Richard Isago DNW

Big Boat: Alfred Vasquez/Anthony Luna 22.59lbs
Big Fish: Mark Pavlinac 5.96lbs


The California Bass Contender annual awards banquet and raffle will be held at the June 6, 2018 regular meeting at Michael Angello’s Pizzaria. This meeting will begin early at 6:00PM when dinner will be served and then regular club business and the awards and raffle will follow. As everybody knows this special raffle is the highlight of the entire season. Nobody has an annual raffle like we do. Raffle tickets will be sold to active club members in good standing only AT $20 per ticket or six tickets for $100. Unfortunately prospective guests are not eligible to purchase raffle tickets. Prospective guest members who have participated in at least one club event or one club meeting are encouraged to attend and have dinner and soft drinks provided by the club, you new guests can participate next time once voted as a full patch member. FYI: An active club member in good standing is a member who received at least 60 points in the preceding season and has paid all of their club dues and related fees on time.

We will raffle off a host of rods and reels with a grand prize that will leave you speechless. Here is a highlight of some of the raffle items:

Loomis NRX bait cast 873C
Loomis NRX spinning 872 JWR
Shimano CI4 three spinning reels
Chronarch MGL baitcast reel
Shimano Curado 200 five baitcast reels
Shimano Curado 70 baitcast
Loomis E6X two spinning rods
Loomis E6X four baitcast rods

See you on the water: Big Ed!

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