2017 Board of Directors election results

California Bass Contenders would like to thank the outgoing board members and congratulate our new elected 2017 Board of Directors. Thank you to everybody for a full house of members and a packed house at the January election meeting. Your new President’s campaign acceptance speech for 2017 promised more barbecues at club tournaments and pizza at some of the upcoming meetings throughout the season. He also wants more transparency and reporting for club funds and required insurances for all boaters on file. Gabby will also bring back the monthly joke to start all club meetings. A special Basscontender shout out to Mark Pavlinac for accepting the nomination and position of Club Secretary. Your elected board members are as follows:

President: Gabby Hayes

Vice Pres: Alfred Vasquez

Treasurer: Kenny Isago

Secretary: Mark Pavlinac

Tournament Director: Big Ed Cazares

Website Admin: Big Ed Cazares looking for volunteer admin

Board Members:
Conrad Apodaca Sr
Conrad Apodaca Jr
Adam Day
Derrick Yoshinaga
Randy Estrada
Mark Bowman

See you on the water: Big Ed!

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