RESULTS: Piru October 13-14, 2018

RESULTS: Piru October 13th and 14th, 2018: 1) Mark Bowman 5/5/24.42 2) Conrad Apodaca Jr 3/5/23.02 3) Sergio Sanchez 5/5/22.88 4) Conrad Apodaca Sr 3/5/15.10 5) Johnny Abyad 0/4/14.80 6) Alfred Vasquez 4/1/14.41 7) Steve Meza 3/3/13.44 8) Rich Hoffman 2/2/8.94 9) Derrick Yoshinaga 2/1/8.50 10) Raul Valderraine 1/2/7.49 Big Boat Saturday: Alfred Vasquez/Johnny Abyad […]

Castaic Saturday September 15, 2018

Castaic Bass Club Challenge internal results: Congratulations to Alfred Vasquez and Tom Creasey. Great job representing the best Bass Club in Southern California. Place/Name/Fish/Total 1) Alfred Vasquez/Tom Creasey 2/4.34 2) Derrick Yoshinaga/Joe Nava 1/2.74 3) Randy Estrada/Conrad Apodaca Sr 1/1.96 9) Kenny Isago/Robert Terrazas 0/0.00 9) Conrad Apodaca Jr/Brian Reaves 0/0.00 9) David Mendez/Johnny Abyad […]

RESULTS: Silverwood Night August 25, 2018

Silverwood Night Saturday August 25, 2018 Air temp: 92 degrees 12-25mph winds at launch Night temp: 78-82 degrees 10-20mph winds Water temp: 78-80 degrees 78 degrees at 11:00pm Water: Clear 8’-12’ thick grass weeds out 10’ deep Place/Name/fish/Total 1) Conrad Apodaca Jr 2/7.43 2) Johnny Abyad 1/4.93 BF 3) David Mendez 2/4.63 4) Gil Bowman […]

RESULTS: July 21, 2018 Perris Night

Saturday July 21, 2018 Lake Perris SRA night tournament. After a very slow entrance to the park with lines as long as 60 vehicles in per lane thirteen Bass Contender teams made their way into the park. The launch ramp was packed with people getting on and off the water but somehow we managed to […]

RESULTS: Castaic June 16, 2018

California Bass Contenders Saturday June 16, 2018 Father’s Day Tournament at Castaic Lake was perfect for twenty three anglers who were welcomed with perfect whether very little breeze and a cloudy skies. It was a reprieve from the hot nasty temperatures with blown out conditions that plagued the lake for over an entire week. Everybody […]

RESULTS: Pyramid May 19, 2018

What a phenomenal tournament and equally a phenomenal start to the 2018-2019 California Bass Contender season as we hit Pyramid with a vengeance for the second event of the new season. Our bass club continuous to flourish with twenty five anglers participating at Pyramid event. Also flourishing is the fishing and of course the comradery […]

RESULTS: Pyramid April 28, 2018

Pyramid Saturday 28, 2018 is where we ended up. The Castaic tournament was cancelled due to red flag and gail wind warnings. The lifeguards at Castaic closed the lake due to NNE winds 20-30 MPH with gusts to 60 MPH. After speaking with Kiosk at Pyramid they said they were open and launching so north […]

RESULTS: Havasu March 24/25, 2018

The California Bass Contenders 2017-2018 regular season ended in Lake Havasu on March 24 & 25, 2018. It was the final stop on the eleven tournament tour that would bring crusty old veteran club brothers and new club rookie club brothers together for a showdown at Lake Havasu and she did not disappoint. Most of […]

RESULTS: San Vicente February 24, 2018

San Vicente Lake Saturday February 24, 2018 was a cold 34 degree winter morning with enough wind to make it feel like 24 degrees below zero bone chilling and freezing cold. Fourteen anglers from up north traveled down to San Diego to go mano a mano with the stingy green black bass of San Vicente. […]

RESULTS: Perris January 27, 2018

Lake Perris Saturday January 27, 2018. It was a cold winter morning that felt just right for the catching as twenty four Bass Contenders convened in the pre-dawn hour at the Moreno Beach entrance at Lake Perris. The air was calm as everybody prepped their boats to launch in the dark. It was a gorgeous […]