We are a local Bass Club in the Los Angeles County area of Southern California. We meet on the first Wednesday of every month to brag about fishing and tell various lies in San Dimas, Ca at Michael Angelo’s Pizzeria.

How to become a member? The California Bass Contenders club is always looking for new prospective members both boaters and non-boaters. We have anglers at many different levels from seasoned tournament circuit anglers to intermediate and beginners. We have limits on the membership roster and the ratio of non-boaters to boaters, but everybody is always welcome to come check us out at any monthly meeting. We encourage you to come to a meeting and introduce yourself. This is a group of good guys who just love to fish and have a friendly exchange of bass catching techniques. If you are one of those guys who want to simply win no matter what and then follow it up and not exchange ideas and techniques this probably is NOT the club for you.

Rules on new membership?

To become a member you must have money and kiss alot of butt… No, not really but it couldn’t hurt, lol! It is easy to become a California Bass Contender member. Just show up to a meeting, introduce yourself and get started.

All you need to do is attend three meetings and fish three events within a six month period. That’s it, this way we know you are comitted to joining the group and sticking around. Our club secretary will document your meeting attendance and tournament attendance. Once you have attended the 3+3 events the club will vote and unless you pissed somebody off by pulling a no show to a tournament or something… you’re in. New members will be awarded their 30 points for meetings attendance and 30 points for tournament attendance for a total of 60 maximum points once voted in, provided the points earned were in the same season. If you are interested in becoming a part of the California Bass Contenders simply come to a meeting and check us out and make sure to sign the meeting sign up sheet with our club secretary. New prospective members and guests please read the Tournament Rules and the By-Laws posted on the website. You will be required to know the rules of the club before becoming a member and attending any Bass Contender tournament. If you have any questions please contact our Website Administrator/PIO or any board member. Check us out on Facebook!

We look forward to seeing you!